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Our Vision

The Calgary Warriors Basketball Club is a non-profit, volunteer organization. We provide a positive environment for the development of sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, athletic skill, and leadership for young athletes between the ages of 10-18. Beyond basic fundamentals, we aim to teach the finer skills of the game, strategies, and how to prepare and compete mentally and physically. We uphold respect for the game and its competitors and emphasize responsibility on and off the court.


The Calgary Warriors Basketball Club is committed to showcasing our athletes across Canada and the United States and for that reason, we uphold a high level of respect for both the game of basketball, the officials, and our competitors. We emphasize individual and team respect both on and off the court.


The Calgary Warriors Basketball Club is committed to coaching our athletes to develop their skill beyond the court. Our Warriors are more than basketball players - we believe that elite athletes hold a higher standard in their community. In addition to developing their individual and team skills, our coaching staff:


  • Help Our Athletes Develop Life-Skills

  • Aid Our Athletes in Learning How to Excel in Life With Honor & Dignity

  • Encourage Our Athletes to Maintain Outstanding Behavior On & Off the Court


The Calgary Warriors Basketball Club is aware of the economic situations that are being faced by Calgarians and Albertans at this time. Our mission is to provide high-level basketball without the added financial stress that may come from having athletes in quality basketball programs. Our programs are competitively priced and include high-level tournaments and league competition. 

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